About Eastside Cleveland Juniors
Eastside Volleyball Players

Eastside Cleveland Juniors is a Junior Olympic Volleyball Club dedicated to teaching responsibility, discipline and work ethic through the sport of volleyball. The Eastside staff is comprised of several high school and college coaches, along with former college, high school and club players.  Started in 1998, we field National, American and Regional level teams.  Last year, ECJ fielded 38 teams ranging in age from 10 to18.  Of the 38 teams, 4 qualified for the USA Volleyball Nationals. Eastside is owned and operated by individuals who are dedicated full time to promoting the sport of volleyball and continuously improving the Eastside product.  

Mission Statement:
Eastside Cleveland Juniors Volleyball Club is a Junior Olympic Volleyball Club dedicated to offering any and all youth volleyball players the opportunity to play volleyball at a level commensurate with their skills.  At Eastside Cleveland Juniors, our mission is to teach lifelong skills for success in any endeavor. Our goals as coaches go much further than the volleyball court. We are teaching values that can be instilled upon each individual to help them succeed. The Eastside “Triangle of Success” is made up of discipline, responsibility and work ethic. With discipline being the peak of the triangle, work ethic and responsibility are equally important to achieve individual and athletic goals. The triangle represents three sides, all touching, all working together to create success.

Program Philosophy:

Eastside Cleveland Juniors has developed an all-inclusive program structure that will allow any and all athletes to take the next step in their volleyball careers. By surrounding each player with advanced training and a challenging training environment, each and every player will be able to take their game to the next level.

Eastside believes in a fundamental base for all players at all levels. We continue to implement the “Eastside Way”, a structured, level based, program philosophy that will maximize efficiency in training. All teams will be taught the same skills, systems and philosophies. By players learning the same thing year in and year out, training efficiency will be maximized, saving hundreds of training hours. The saved time is then used to teach the more advanced aspects of the game.

Fun and Friendships

Eastside is dedicated to providing the highest levels of training, discipline and competition. We offer a variety of different programs to make learning fun, while working hard to achieve each athlete’s goals. At Eastside, we engage each athlete in learning the sport, teach them discipline and work hard to be competitive in all aspects of volleyball. We also feel that there is no better atmosphere for young ladies to meet people that aren’t only dedicated to volleyball, but also have an interest in developing lifelong friendships. Eastside – dedicated to mixing fun, hard work and friendships to achieve goals.


Playing against better competition is the key to maximizing and expediting player and team improvement. Eastside carefully selects each and every team’s tournament schedule to maximize each individual team’s development. Ranging from national to local tournaments, each player is sure to increase their skills and ability by playing against the best. Our programs will also allow each athlete to be competitive as both an individual and as a team.

Player Development

Player development is the Number One priority at Eastside Cleveland Juniors. Whether it is helping a player earn a scholarship, earn a starting spot or making an 8th grade team, Eastside Cleveland Juniors will help you take the next step! We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, not only as an athlete, but also in life. We care about your personal goals, both on and off the court.