JO & DIVA Players - Beginning 2/1/19 the weekend practice schedule is changing.  See the link below for the new weekend schedule:

Once teams are picked, practice schedules are subject to minor changes. 

Mon/Wed  5-7pm                All 12s, 13 American & Regional

Mon/Wed  7-9:30pm          15-18 American & Regional Teams

Tue/Thu    5-7pm               All 10s & 11s, 14 American & Regional Teams

Tue/Thu    7-9:30pm         13-18 National Teams & All American Plus

 Dec & Jan Sunday
Practice Schedule
 11a - 1p1p - 3p  3p - 5:30p 5:30p - 8p
 All 12s
13 American
13 Regional

All 10s
All 11s
14 American
14 Regional

15 American
15 Regional
16 American
16 Regional 
17 American
17 Regional
18 Regional
13 National
14 National
15 National
16 National
17 National
18 National
All American Plus

All teams will practice on Sundays from December through January at the times listed above.

All teams will practice at a different time on Sundays from February 2 through the end of their season TBA in mid-January.

If a team participates in a weekend scrimmage or tournament, they will not practice that weekend.