17 Sky & Coach Lombardi are pumped after winning the Windy City Qualifier & qualifying for nationals in the American Division.  Congrats ladies!

11 Red & Coach Kline are pumped after winning the DIVA tournament on 3/8.  Congrats!

12 Sky & Coach Golic let you know who is #1 after beating CVC in the finals at Tallmadge on 3/1!


Hanna Bissler & Jocelyn Carter of 12 Elite earned All Tournament Team honors at the NCPL.  Way to play!

16 Orange & Coach Naab are all smiles after their win in the finals over Zero Gravity at Ohio Nets on 2/1.

14 Elite is rolling after defeating CVC in the finals to win the National Challenge at Ohio Nets on 2/8.

16 Elite was smokin hot at Winterfest by not only winning the tournament, but not dropping a set!